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Earning My Ears
Dec 17, 2019
Figured everyone could use a smile during this chaotic time. This was something that happened at the beginning of December 2019. What you will read was shared on Christmas morning as family members shared their own stories.

So…Disney World is the most magical place ever. And if I wasn’t convinced of it, my most recent interaction at Disney Springs certified that feeling for me.

Traveling to Orlando for work at the beginning of December wasn’t the way I wanted to start the Christmas season. Taking solace in the fact that I would have some free time to take in a little bit of Walt Disney World was really the only way I was going to get over missing St. Nicholas Day.

Disney Springs was the first destination I went, with a colleague of mine. With no real plan other than killing time before dinner, we were just wandering in and out of stores and admiring the Christmas decorations. The name escapes me, but one store we entered was what looked like a general store selling a variety of things, just with the Disney spin. On the back wall of this store was a display that had furry Mickey Mouse ears Christmas tree ornaments. I had to have it – capital H A D – had to have it.

Sold Out? What do you mean sold out? There are ten right here on the wall. Apparently Disney’s has a policy of not selling items on display. Probably a quality control issue or something like that. I asked a few different cast members hoping the previous one was just lazy, but everyone was very polite in their explanation and I made no fuss about it. We left and continued walking around Disney Springs and found another store which had a shirt I needed in a size that wasn’t on the sales floor. Finding, what I thought to be a cast member, she was informing another customer of where to find an item, I asked if she could check for the size and also where I could find a Santa hat with Mickey ears. After pointing me to the Santa hats on display she informed me that she did not in fact work there. But she pointed me in the direction of Sydney, the heroine of our tale.

After restating my question about the shirt size to Sydney, she pulled out a mobile device that could check the inventory of products around the whole resort. While she answered me about the shirt I started thinking again about the ornament. So I asked. "Hey, is there any chance you can look up this ornament I just saw. There are only displays left and the cast members said they aren't permitted to sell display items." She looked and unfortunately had the same answer…SOLD OUT. However she paused. I think she saw my disappointment. "Will you be in town for a few days? Let me see if I can get you one of the display ornaments for you." "Wait you can do that?" "You must have asked a cast member, they don’t have the authority to do that. I’m a manager, I should be able to put in a request but it will take a few days so if you leave a contact number I will call you in a few days."

So I left my number. I also made plans with my colleague, who was staying an extra day, to pick up the ornament if I were already home. But sadly, a few days came and went, and nothing from Sydney. My work in Orlando was done so it was time for me to head home. After returning home I just assumed that Sydney was not able to get one from the display. I really didn’t give it a second thought and being home for week really pushed the ornament from my mind. That’s what made the phone call so confusing.
"Orlando? Who would be calling me from Orlando?" I had a feeling that this unidentified call needed to be answered. "Hello?" "Hello Beth, it’s Sydney from Disney Springs. Good news, we just got a new shipment of your ornament in. I will be able to send you a new one. Can you provide me your shipping address?" It took a minute to register, but after it did my initial reaction was shock. I never expect this. I gave my address and was prepared to hang up when I realized I hadn’t given any payment information. "So how are you going to charge me? Do you need my credit card? The one I used in the store?" Her response turned my shock into disbelief. "No, I think you’ve waited long enough. I can’t promise It will make it to you before Christmas, but if you leave your tree up a few extra days you’ll be able to enjoy your new ornament this year." "Wait are you serious?" "I am, Merry Christmas Beth."

On the scale of Christmas miracles something like this doesn’t weigh much at first glance. But small gestures of kindness and giving can add up. They can reaffirm that this world isn’t totally lost. And the best part of these little miracles is that they come from the most random of people, namely Sydney from Disney Springs.
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Spreading Some Pixie Dust Today!
Aug 12, 2006
Ohhh Disney! So many of this Special moments come to mind over the years for me. Thx for sharing. It felt Good to Smile!
happy day all... and Stay Healthy!


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