Thank you to Belle and Fairy Godmother!


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Sep 14, 2008
I love doing character meet and greets when I'm at Disney, but since I'm an adult without children and usually by myself, I can't help but feel sometimes that my character experience is different from other people with children. Not bad, just different to where I've sometimes felt out of place being there...

On our last trip from 1/21-1/27, I dedicated a good bit of my time to visiting characters and while most of my experiences were good, two of them were outstanding: Fairy Godmother at Magic Kingdom on the 24th and Belle at Epcot on the 25th.

Fairy Godmother - You were the surprise I wasn't expecting. I had always hoped to see you and to get to see you on this trip was literally a dream come true. You greeted me as you would have any child that had come to see you, was more than willing to play along with my BATB references since I was disneybounding as Belle that day, and spent so much time with me, I almost felt guilty for it.

Belle - As those who know me best know, Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite movie since I was four years old and nearly 30 years later, Belle has always been the princess I most admired. You seemed genuinely touched when I told you so, loved that I had a storybook with me, took the time to thumb through it in full Belle fashion and, like Fairy Godmother, gave the same attention to me that you would have to any child.


This past year has been very stressful for me for various reasons (I've been struggling for a year and a half to find regular work) and I was really looking forward to this trip as a means of escaping that just for a little while. The two of you allowed me to do just that, to escape the chaos of the past year and believe like a child again, which was something I didn't realize how much I sorely needed.

If you're reading this or if someone can get this to them, thank you so much for those moments. I did a lot on that trip, saw all the shows, rode plenty rides, but those moments were what truly made my trip magical and I'll never forget that. Thank you so much for putting a little extra magic in my trip.


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