Using Magical Express 2 days after arrival in Orlando?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Debby7, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Debby7

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    Jan 5, 2000
    We are meeting friends in February for a stay at Copper Creek . They are arriving before us and spending 2 days at Universal. They will return rental car to MCO and meet us at airport to take ME to our Disney resort. My question is : what is the best way to fill out their portion of the ME Request? Should we pretend that they are on our flight also? Does ME actually check if you are on the flight you say that you are? Anyone have a better solution?
  2. tjmw2727

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    Feb 21, 2001
    If you want to do it online just pick a "dummy" flight that arrives about the time they want to depart MCO or just call DME and make the reservation without a flight. DME doesn't care when or how you got to the airport only that you have a valid resort reservation on the day you want to ride.
  3. FCDub

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    Jun 28, 2008
    Just have them call and say what they want to do.
  4. Fangorn

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    Sep 3, 2016
    There is no need to give DME fictitious flight info. You're entitled to a trip from MCO to your resort anytime between the day you check-in and the day you checkout. Other than for general planning purposes, DME doesn't really care about your flight or even if you arrived at MCO by plane, car or horseback.

    Just call them (866) 599-0951 and let them know the approx time your friends will be there. DME will set it all up. It's not a big deal.


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