Do special effects magic bands still work when you're a DVC member?


Earning My Ears
Jan 22, 2018
Hi everyone!

I recently found out that some limited edition magic bands have special effects when touching them to a touchpoint (when entering a park or when scanning your fastpass). On our last trip both me and my mom bought a limited Rise of the Resistance magic band, which has one of those special effects. I scanned mine and it worked perfectly, but my mom (who is a DVC member) scanned hers, and the touchpoint lit up purple (which is what usually happens when you're a DVC member). Now I'm wondering if anyone knows if the purple DVC effect overrides the special effect on the magic band? Or did my mom get one with a defect? The special effect doesn't work anywhere for her, not at the entrance and not for fastpasses, and we did use it at Hollywood Studios where mine did have the effect.


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